Jumplist Extender: enhance jumplists on the Windows 7 taskbar with custom entries


If you want a quick way to launch frequently performed actions from the taskbar consider this: Jumplist Extender is a small free tool that can insert user-defined entries in the right-click program jumplists that appear in the Windows 7 taskbar (see screenshot above). It also lets you pin any folder or file within any program jumplist.

These new functions can be based on sending keyboard shortcuts into the application in question(such as in most programs CTRL+N creates a new document, CTRL+O opens a file, etc.); or, alternately, users can run command line executables from within the jumplist to perform various actions.

The program also includes support for running Autohotkey scripts from within a jumplist, that can be created and edited within the Jumplist Extender interface itself.

Jumplist Extender Screenshot1

How this program works: Jumplist Extender is a very small app that remains in the background and inserts your customized jumplists into the Windows 7 taskbar. Exit the program and *poof* .. all customizations are gone.

Commands are created in 3 possible ways: by sending keyboard shortcuts to the program, by running a command line program, or via Autohotkey scripts (for those of us who have the skills to put them together).

Here are some PROS and CONS:


  • Easy to use: much easier to use that you might expect (especially if the entries you want are already featured as hotkeys within the program, in which case most of the work is done for you). See “Keyboard Shortcut Help” within Jumplist Extender for some very useful tips.
  • Very small footprint: approx 9 megs in memory.
  • Icons: includes a set of nice icons that you can use for your jumplist entries (I use a number of them in the screenshot above).
  • Create your Autohotkey script right within the program: which reminds me …I really wish I knew how to put Autohotkey scripts together.
  • Offers some nice features: such as ignore if running or not running, open new window, send in background, to name some.


  • May be overkill: unless you have a specific program in mind that you would like to customize.

The verdict: may be for the ubergeek, but such an original concept and a great tool that I cannot help but like it. Try it out you might find it plenty useful!

Version Tested: 0.4

Compatibility: Windows 7

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 1.6 megs).