JumpTo: access favorite apps, files, folders, or URLs from anywhere


JumpTo is a free menu-based launcher that provides access to favorite folders, files, apps, or URLs in the form of a hotkey-enabled context menu.

It can be accessed on the fly at any time on the desktop or via the system tray icon. In addition it provides on-the-fly note taking functionality as well as a few other functions such as hiding and showing windows, stripping formatting from the clipboard, and others.

I have a soft spot for little apps that access to favorite items on-the-fly. JumpTo provides access to folders, files, apps, and URLs from anywhere and can be displayed in any program.

It is very similar to previously mentioned Folder Menu, with some differences. Here’s a list of pros and cons.


  • Launch your favorite folders, files, apps, or URLs from anywhere: simply launch the app via its keyboard shortcut and you can be quickly on your way.
  • Memos: JumpTo also includes a simple notes app. It can quickly
  • Create your own submenus: which is to say it lets you create and organize the cascading menu entries as you like.
  • Adding items: can be performed via the context menu entry, by highlighting an item and pressing Alt+shift+S, or by opening the add items dialog and dragging and dropping items into it.
  • Less than 4 megs in memory: makes this program truly lightweight.
  • Extra functions: via the “extra functions” context menu entry launch a run box, insert dates dynamically into your text, or strip any text in the clipboard from any formatting. You can also hide and display windows.
  • Portable version: is available for download on the site.


  • Does not provide access to favorite folders in Windows open/save dialogs: unlike for example similar apps such as Folder Menu.
  • Does not support icons: which is to say your app shortcuts and other shortcuts will be represented using text only. Not a big deal, but could have looked better with icons.

The verdict: a nice little app that and is truly lightweight. It has room for improvement in terms of accessing folders in open/save dialogs but as it is it can be extremely useful and a huge time saver.

Version Tested: 1.0

Compatibility: WinAll.

The program page no longer exists, but you can download ver. 1.0 of the program here.