Kamuze: a new site for social conversations on music, movies, and TV shows


Do you often post your thoughts and opinions about television, movies and music on your Facebook page? Is your Facebook timeline crowded with these opinions and posts? If so, Kamuze may be for you.

Kamuze is a fairly new social media site that is set up like an extremely basic Facebook. As with most social media sites, it focuses on sharing thoughts and opinions through a posting system and a network of ‘friends’ that have similar interests.

You’ll have the option to share your own opinions about movies, television shows and music. However, you can also follow the posts of those that you consider worthy, whether they are on your friends list or not.

You’ll be able to view and contribute to the current listing of ‘trending’ titles (which is just a fancy way of saying what’s popular currently) and even get into discussions via commenting. And you can link your activity on Kamuze to Facebook.


The interface is streamlined and therefore quite easy to use and will be very familiar and comfy to any who has used other social networking or media sites, and there’s (currently) very little in the way of distracting ads and I didn’t get a single unwanted pop-up during my testing of it either. That’s a rarity but can possibly be attributed to the comparative newness of the site, only time will tell. The site is divided into three main sections for TV, movies and music. Each section has a News page, a Trending page and a page that shows your own personal contributions. Simple but wide open to make it your own, that’s the mark of a good social site and Kamuze has it in spades.


Those who use Facebook for their current opinion posting needs may find Kamuze a nice change to avoid clogging their timeline with media posts. And since Kamuze is compatible with Facebook they will have the option to link posts into their timeline when and if they wish to do so. Those that don’t use Facebook much or at all might find that Kamuze is more their speed, given that it is more focused on the media itself and not so much on the lives of the people that are giving their opinions. You won’t find a lot of pictures of your friend’s dog posted on Kamuze, but you will find their opinions about the latest episode of your favorite TV show.


All in all, I found Kamuze to be refreshing and a nice change of pace from the bigger names in social networking and if you’re more focused on media and less on your best friend’s dog, it is worth checking out. Add to that the value of a site that doesn’t cost anything to use and Kamuze goes down as a winner in my book. Until next time, my friends.

Check out Kamuze here.