‘Keyscrambler Personal’ protects your browser activity from keyloggers


If you feel paranoid that someone may be looking at what you type by means of a keylogger, I have threefold good news: #1 don’t feel bad about about being suspicious, it’s an evolutionary strategy that is still with us because it has served us well at times, #2 having said that, they probably aren’t spying on you, really, which must also count as good news, and finally #3 if you’re looking for an effective FREE way to protect what you do in your browser regardless, then check out ‘Keyscrambler Personal’.

‘Keyscrambler Personal’ installs as a Windows program that lives in the system tray. It protects your activity across 29 different browsers as of this writing. The reason it is effective lies in the fact that it encrypts keystrokes at the keyboard driver level, located deep in the kernel.

Free vs. paid: the free version protects your browser activity, including emails you type into your web mail service, your web based financial or banking activity, say, as well as any other web-based activity. But let’s face it, if you think you’re being monitored by a keylogger on your system you would probably want protection outside the browser as well, in which case you would have to buy one of the other paid versions (or, better still, get your data out and reinstall the OS).

Keyscrambler Personal Screenshot

Things to keep in mind: this program installs a driver on your system, which means that if you are using a PC that is not yours (i.e. a laptop provided by a business or institution), you will need that they grant you administrator privileges. This also means means that it cannot be used portably, carried on a USB stick, say, for use on public computers or whatever. Also be aware that it protects against keyloggers, and not programs that may be taking and storing screenshots of your activity.

The verdict:If you think you need effective protection from keyloggers and you need it fast, then this may be a lifesaver – provided that you confine your activity to the browser, of course.

Keyscrambler is supposed to be an award-winning program in terms of its effectiveness in protecting your keystrokes and privacy. I tested it with a program called AntiKeylogger Tester, which attempts various keylogging methods, and it proved completely secure (note, though, that this program was suggested at the Keyscrambler site itself).

Get Keyscrambler Personal here (Windows).