Klogshow: display text files on your desktop


Klogshow is a free program that displays the contents of text files in semitransparent windows on the desktop, and keeps any changes updated in real time.

It can have many applications, such as displaying information that you might want to have readily accessible for reference, displaying to-do or task lists, or displaying log files or any other information that you might want to keep on-screen.

This program provides an interesting way of looking at information, displayed within semitransparent windows that look like they are embedded within the desktop wallpaper.

Note, however, that the windows are not part of the active desktop but in fact are semitransparent floating windows. More information as follows:

  • Customization: you can optionally have a title bar or scroll bar for your windows. You can also customize the font color, two background colors that constitue a gradient, as well as the level of transparency.
  • Interaction: you can move these windows about (whether or not they have a titlebar), scroll up or down using either the scrollbar or up/down arrows, or select and copy text. You cannot edit and/or add text though.
  • Multiple windows: one nice thing about Klogshow is that you can have a number of windows on the desktop simultaneously.
  • How to use: right click the tray icon, go to the “files” tab, browse to the desired file(s), then add the file(s) to the list. Next, right click the tray icon, go to log select, and check the files you want to be displayed on the desktop.
  • Memory usage: about 18 megs, which is not quite lightweight but not too large either.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better):

  • The ability to set a transparent background: strangely, while you can create a two-color gradient for your background, it does not seem to allow for a simple transparent (non) background.
  • Hiding the program entries in the taskbar: for each text window that you display the program will have an associated taskbar entry. Which is kind of strange. Although the program allows you to hide it altogether (text windows and taskbar entries both), it would be better if you could hide the taskbar entries without hiding the text windows themselves.
  • Always on top, or always on bottom: for each individual window, would be great.
  • The ability to render a window non-interactive; i.e., to affix it to a spot without being resizable or movable.

The verdict: depending on the circumstances (and how creative your are), this could be a really useful program, although it can be much better (see wish list above). Note that there are other programs that provide a similar function, such as multi function system monitoring and desktop enhancement tool Samurize.

Version Tested: 1.0.4

Compatibility: Windows, Linux.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 5.6 megs).