Kloonigames is a blog about games, or, I should say, about the games made by Petri Purho of Finland, whose game development philosophy is that any single game should, to quote his site, be made “within a 7-day limit, …. made by me alone and [has to] test some new form of gameplay”.

In other words, Mr. Purho has set himself a bunch of constraints that force him to take his games back to basics and to be creative.

And his philosophy seems to be paying off; the games are really cool.

(Although it seems that he recast his approach to “a game a month” rather than a game a week from the looks of it).

Crayon Physics Screenshot from the extra levels downloadAnyway, make sure to check out the fantastic Crayon Physics (5.6 megs), a truly great game in my opinion. Also download the Extra levels and the Level Editor (also see this posting for a tutorial on how to use the editor). Another game I like is Pluto Strikes Back.

I wish I too could make games (I guess reviewing freeware will have to do!).