Know who unfriended you on Facebook with Unfriend Finder


Have you ever looked at your friends list only to be horrified at some of the people (distant acquaintances, old coworkers that you never liked in the first place, or even people who you outright do not know) — that get to see your updates? Well, that’s precisely what the ‘unfriend’ function in Facebook is for.

The engineers at Facebook, however, in probably one of the best decisions they have made, have opted NOT to notify users about others who have unfriended them, keeping it under the radar instead.

But if you are curios as to who may have unfriended YOU, then Unfriend Finder, a free Facebook add-on, is what you need.

Unfriend Finder Screenshot

How it works: download and install the script for your browser. The next time you log into Facebook, you will see an ‘Unfriends’ entry in the left sidebar, and clicking on this will show an icon list of people who unfriended you. Moreover, you can click on ‘pending requests’ to see friend requests you had sent out that have not yet been accepted.

But there’s more: you will now start to see unfriend notifications in real time if and when they do happen (see below).

Unfriend Finder Screenshot2 - notification

The verdict: a nice free tool that does the job, if you need it, or if you’re curious — and I know you are ;).

Compatibility: all major browsers.

Go here to install Unfriend Finder. More info here.