Kongregate Arcade App: brings TONS of free cool flash games to Android


If you know Kongregate (an excellent site for free flash games), then let us introduce the Kongregate Android App, which brings you over 600 free games playable on your Android device absolutely free.

Kongregate for Andoird is organized as an app market, and lets you choose and download from a wide range of games and genres. And although it may seem like a mere flash-enabled browser at first, downloaded games are specifically created for touchscreen play and can be played offline. They will also save your progress much as any Android game would.

I am always amazed at the sheer breadth and sophistication of flash and HTML5 games, many of which are nothing short of brilliant. Although flash games are generally not mobile friendly, it is in fact possible to run Flash on Android (and many browser apps will do it). Despite being obviously organized around a browser architecture, the Kongregate app feels more like an app market, with ratings, organization by genre, and a general ‘social media’ aspect to it as well.

Kongregate Arcade Screenshot1Kongregate Arcade Screenshot2

And now for the important question …

Which everyone must be wondering:  are the games any good? The answer is that some of them are EXCELLENT, and others less so. The ‘featured’ games in particular have a lot to offer (I recommend the very addictive ‘Cat God vs. Sun King’, pictured in the screenshot below, and ‘Barry Lost His Marbles’).

Cat God vs. Sun King Screenshot1Cat God vs. Sun King Screenshot2

The verdict:

A brilliant concept. With this many free games the numbers favor your odds of finding some games that you will really like. And the fact that users rate the games on a 5-star scale means that you will be able to find them fairly easily.  There are times when there are many objects on-screen and lots of activity, when you might remember that this is a flash of HTML5 game rather than a straight mobile game, but otherwise the games act and feel like normal mobile games, not like games in the browser. All you need to do is play a game one time and it will be downloaded on your device and playable offline.

Get this one. There were reports on the internet last year that the app was pulled off the Google Play store, but that is not the case.

Download Kongregate App for Android (Google Play).