KwiClick – Firefox addon delivers a host of quick tasks right at your fingertips


KwiClick in ActionKwiClick is an Addon for Firefox that simplifies multi-tasking and allows for some cool picture-in-picture style browsing. Ideally it makes your browsing more efficient, particularly if you’re not one to browse linearly. Often times you might be browsing along and need a word that you’re reading defined, want to know if there’s a trailer available on YouTube for this movie somebody is raving about, search Amazon for a book that a friend recommended over Twitter, or tons of other examples. That’s where Kwiclick comes in.

It’s not like hitting Ctrl+T to open a new tab, going to the particular website you want to search (or using the search bar), and typing your search is that difficult, but Kwiclick makes it a lot more efficient. The most frequent use of Kwiclick comes from highlighting things as you go along. If you highlight a word or phrase that you want to use in a search, a diamond will pop up. If you move your mouse over it, it will give you 4 customizable options. You can then click on one of the diamonds to search for that term with that particular provider. As you can see from the screenshot below, I highlighted ‘demuxing’ and hovered over the diamond to reveal the full clover. I can then click on Wikipedia, Amazon, Google Maps, or Google to search any of those sites with this term.

KwiClick is very customizable. When you click on one of the providers, it will bring up its own mini floating window to show you the results. You can then customize what happens when you click on a link. You can set different key+click combinations to open in a new tab, the current tab, new window, or others. In addition, it supports mouse gestures from FireGestures 1.5.

You can also choose what providers you want on the clover and which favorites you want listed at the bottom of the KwiClick window through the addon’s options. A quick click of these different buttons will allow you to quickly search the different sites.

Once you click on one of the providers or the KwiClick button in the bottom-right corner of your Firefox browser, a small, floating window will come up. You can click on the thumb tack icon to keep it on top. Inside of that window you can browse through the results of your search, watch videos, or look at pictures. For example, if I was reading an article and wanted to know if there was a related YouTube video, I’d highlight the terms I’m looking for and then click on the YouTube clover icon. Then I’d select the video I want to watch and it would stay inside the window where I can reposition it to stay out of my way but allow me to continue reading the article while the video plays even as I navigate away from the article in the main window.

It all depends on how you browse the web, but KwiClick can make your browsing in Firefox more efficient if you tend to take tangents off to fully explore a subject.

Go to the addon home page to install.