Last posting removed (and other options for audio downloads)


I’ve received a couple of emails about my last post, which has since been removed but many people can still read on their RSS readers.

Since reviewing the program (an MP3 downloading engine) I received multiple reports on email and in the comments, which I will quote here: “it installs a search toolbar and changes your homepage on your browser [although] the toolbar can be uninstalled via control panel. It also changes your Keyword.URL string in Firefox browser to a search engine sponsored by the program”. (Thanks Derek). Since these changes were not declared up front in the installation process, I had to remove the program.

Which is too bad since it was kind of a nice app and seemed so well put together. In any case, for other, similar, MP3 downloading engines check out Songr (which downloads MP3s and lyrics), and Quisple (which finds songs on YouTube and downloads the audio). You can also check out a handful of tools that can download from music sharing sites; see here, here, here, and here).

One reason why I did not see the changes that this program made is that my main browser is a portable variant of Chrome (ChromePlus) which obviously wasn’t affected, and my IE installation, which I use for work, is the latest 64bit beta of IE9 (also not affected). I went in to check Firefox but nothing seems changed there either, not sure why. I guess I will get back to using TinyWatcher to monitor changes on my system when I test software.

I apologize if you installed the software from my last post and found unwanted home page or search changes and/or browser toolbars.