Launch shortcuts in style with Aero QLaunch for Windows 7


If you’re looking for a cool, innovative launcher for apps and folders then you’ve arrived: Aero QLaunch is a simple, original launcher with huge on-screen icons and cool 3D motion effects.

This freeware program works with Windows 7 and Windows 8, and requires at least DirectX 10 to be installed on your system.

How to use: right click taskbar, then check Toolbars/QLaunch and the green QLauncher button will appear on the taskbar, which is how the launcher is accessed.

Create a folder within the default ‘Quick Launch’ folder and another row of icons will appear on top of the default row when you mouse over the folder icon, displaying the folder contents. Use the mouse to scroll across icons that are off the visible part of the screen. Clicking anywhere will make the icons disappear.

Aero QLauncher Screenshot3

What I like about it:

  • Has a very unique look and feel
  • Easy to access, yet tidily tucked away when you don’t need it
  • Easy to add shortcuts (you can drag and drop shortcuts to the QLaunch folder right from the Start menu)
  • 3D effect is kind of cool, that responds to the slightest mouse movement anywhere on the screen.
  • Icons can be resized to be really small or quite large.

Aero QLauncher Screenshot2

What I do not like about it (or how this software can be even better)

  • Requires at least DirectX 10 to be installed on your system; how about a non 3D animated version with big static icons, in the absense of DirectX?.
  • More 3D effects to choose from than the default one would have been cool also.
  • Once icons stack up over the bottom third of the screen, they are strangely truncated. If this is a bug then I hope it gets fixed soon.
  • The ability to browse through the icons with arrow keys
  • The option to have a row of icons display as multiple rows stacked on top of each other, rather that scrolling to the right of the screen, would be great.

The verdict: a very original looking launcher that anyone who likes to tweak their desktop will appreciate. I am not sure how much I like the 3D effect as such, but the launcher is absolutely great. Try it you will like it.

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8; 32 bit and 64 bit versions available. Requires DirectX10 at least. Download DirectX here.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 467K).