With Launchy you can search for installed apps rather than browse for them manually in your start menu.

Launchy is invoked/dismissed by a hotkey (alt+space by default).

It is pre-set to index your start menu links, but can be customized to index any location on your hard drive for any type of file.

For example, I typically tend to put a lot of files that I am working on on the desktop.

I therefore set launchy to index the desktop (and all sub-folders recursively) to the types of files that I want that I typically deal with (xls, csv, jpg, mp3, exe, zip, rar, etc.)

I used to use a very similar program called Find and Run Robot, but I find that this one (a) is more customizable and flexible, and (b) has a much better look and feel overall (it also has tons of skins).

More Launchy Skins

This is a very interesting launcher that takes very little system resources to run. It is a must if you, like me, have a ton of installed applications and a lot of files that you work with.

Version tested:  1.0

Go to download page for latest version. The program home page.