Learn to type faster with Z-Type: a fun, top-scrolling shoot em up


Would you like to learn to type faster? Do you believe that you can do so while playing a game? If your answer to the first question is yes, then let me answer the second one for you: yes, you can learn to be a much better typer while playing a game. But what if I told you that the game is such a nice, casual game that you will be coming back just to play, whether or not you are interested in typing. Enter: Z-Type

Z-Type is a fun, fast paced browser-based top-scrolling shooter that is controlled via the keyboard, by typing words to blast aliens.

I found this game while researching my ‘Ten must-see Chrome Experiments’ post, and although I was impressed with it, I passed it over for that post, opting to use something else instead. However, when I found myself coming back to this game a couple of days afterwards, it started to dawn on me that Z-Type was something special.

ZType Screenshot1ZType Screenshot2ZType Screenshot3

The concept is pretty self explanatory. Each alien ship has it’s own keyword that you need to type to destroy it. Some ships are motherships which fire missiles and generate other ships. Note that once you start typing a word, you cannot switch to another alien until you finish, which can really trip you.

The verdict: a great little casual game. Easy to get into for a quick game (games tend to be very quick). AND it will enhance your typing skills. If you think you are a generally fast typer then skip ‘normal’ and jump right into ‘expert’ mode.

Go here to play Z-Type (browser based).