Line Golfer


Description: Line Golfer is a flash game where the player creates a golf course by drawing it (and everything else in the game environment) using simple pencil tools.

The courses that are created can then be played using a little stick-figure golfer and shared with the other community of players.

A reader emailed my about this game after reading my LineRider posting (thanks Brockman!).

If you’ve played LineRider you will see that this game is very similar: create a world around your little guy by drawing it using simple pen tools, then see how your character interacts with it.

Line Golfer has a number of differences from it’s LineRider inspiration; for example, it offers 3 types of terrain (fairway, rough, and sand), and instead of a sled you are given a golf ball and club and the ability to control both the angle and power of your shot (and the task of getting your ball into the hole within the alloted # of “Par” shots).

A major strength of Line Golfer and games like it is the community sharing aspect. You can forgo creating your own course altogether and spend a lot of time just playing the large variety of courses that other people have created, most of which are surprisingly well made. (And most are very playable indeed).

Note: you must be registered with the flash game site in order to save and share your golf-course creations.

Version tested: the game as of 2/6/2008

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