Frequently referred to as “a toy rather than a game”, Linerider is a physics flash game that allows you to draw the physical environment around a little guy on a virtual sledder careening down the course that you create.

Initially created by a student from the Czech Republic for an animation course, Linerider has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon, with a huge community of fans that have created and shared courses and uploaded hundreds of videos on YouTube showing off their Linerider creations (see below for a couple of these).

The genius of this game is its simplicity; create ramps, hills, jumps, and in fact a complete world that is as big as you want it to be using simple pencil tools. And while the simple and straightforward controls and gameplay make Linerider extremely easy to get into, it has a high addictive potential (I can just imagine how many hours people have put into creating these detailed worlds in the videos).

This game used to be available on various flash-game sites but recently seems to have been enhanced and given its own website where you can register to join a community of Linerider users and share your creations with the rest of the world. Check it out for yourself. Also check out Linerider on your mobile phone.

Linerider Jagged Peak Adventure video

Even Linerider disasters can be cool

Version tested: Beta 2, rev 6.2 (online version as of 1/4/2008).

Go to the Linerider page to start.