Listen to and download internet radio manually or automatically with Radiozilla


Radiozilla is a cool little program that lets you listen to and save Internet radio station content. It can work with a single click, and it is entirely free to download and use forever.

Remember back in the old days when you were listening to the radio and for one reason or another (hate commercials, can’t find that song you love on an album, want a mix of songs on command) you wished you could save the grooves coming from the radio for later usage? One of the first incarnations of this idea was the mix tape.

Earliest versions of this shade tree tech required a radio playing the songs, and a hand held tape recorder held next to the speaker, with a cassette recording or pausing at your discretion to remove commercials or songs you don’t like or whatnot.

In fact, in the decade of the 80s, a mix tape was a romantic gesture because it had songs that were of personal meaning and also had the connotation that the person recording it must have put lots of time into it to get the commercials out and to get only the meaningful songs recorded. These days, the best you can do as a comparative gesture would be a customized playlist with all DRM paid and verified digital content. But that’s no longer the case!

Radiozilla Screen 2Radiozilla Screen 4

Now, with Radiozilla (and possibly other freeware programs out there) you can instantly download and save content from the streaming radio, and all with a single click so there’s little or no guesswork involved. All you have to do is go to the website, download the program, allow access to your internet connection and away you go. You’re nearly instantly set up for listening and capturing internet radio content. This can be useful if you like a certain radio show or host and want to save it almost like a podcast so you can save it and listen gladly to it later on in your car, at work, wherever good times are had, as long as you don’t listen to them while enjoying popplers.

Radiozilla Screen 3Radiozilla Screen 5

Pros: no ad bar or too bar. easy to use with one click functionality and produces high quality end results of your specifications. You’ll hear lots of your favorite songs, if you hunt for the right station. There are literally thousands of stations per genre so you’re bound to find one you really like and then, the recording can begin. Even if you don’t have a sweetheart to make a mix disc for its work having to make free discs of your own tastes. One for driving to work, and another one for driving home, if you like. The possibilities are up to you.

Cons: Limited to the internet radio streams, unusual to find a local radio station with an internet stream as well, although it does happen now and then. No option to like or dislike a song so it lacks the Pandora style control, but the manual selection or automatic selection for downloading and saving the content that plays does make up for that.

Radiozilla Screen 8Radiozilla Screen 7

The verdict: Radiozilla is one of the easiest, most phone, and enjoyable streaming music players I have ever used. Add to it the fact that it is totally feel and actually does play some great music once you find the stations you like and it’s tough to go wrong with this one. I would recommend it to anyone who has a mild to passionate interest in music. Until next time, my friends.

Get Radiozilla for Windows or Mac OS here.