Little Wheel: an atmospheric point and click adventure that’s worth checking out


You gotta love point-and-click flash games. Little Wheel is a polished, story driven casual game that has a lot of character, and can be completed in a single sitting.

The story: once upon a time there was a world full of animated, lively robots, powered by the city’s main power generator.

Everything was good until a bad accident shut the power down, and the city fell into a deep sleep. A chance lightning strike on a random robot (you) 10,000 years later brought him back to life, and he sets out to restore power to the sleeping city.

Little Wheel Screen shot1

The verdict: classic point and click gaming in the style of Samorost; this is pretty much what you would expect in terms of gameplay and story. The graphics, sound, and general atmosphere are moreover very pleasant and well done.

Little Wheel Screen shot2

If you need something to stimulate your brain after (or during) a day’s work then check it out by all means.

Play Little Wheel here.