Live Capture is an advanced screenshot taking program that offers every feature you could think of


Live Capture is a comprehensive screenshot tool that is free and jam packed with options and features.

It goes beyond the typical window capture modes to offer such options as freehand capture, timed capture, auto scroll capture, web capture, and auto repeat last capture.

Other options include uploading screenshots to FTP, on-screen tools such as a ruler, colorpicker, and many others.

Windows’ print screen feature is limited, inconvenient and inflexible. Live Capture is not only different, it is the diametrical opposite, providing every conceivable option that you could think of.


Update: We do not think this software contains malware. However, please see the comments section below with respect to positives found when scanning with VirusTotal

Live-Capture-Screen-2The sheer size of the options menu is daunting at first (see screenshot to the right), but once you take a look around the program you’ll start feeling more comfortable with what they are for, and most of the options are pretty self explanatory

Once you’ve started the program you’ll get a nifty overlay that runs the program from your desktop. The interface is semitransparent, and the various buttons along the side will vanish if you’re not using them actively.

The verdict: one of the biggest advantages to Live Capture is a whole host of options for filters, palettes and other pre-shot editing that you won’t find in just any screen capture tool. And while there are plenty of other programs out there that will do many similar things, only a handful are on par with this one in terms of the range of feature on offer. (Having said that, I am not quite ready to give LiveCapture preference over our favorite screenshot taking program – previously mentioned Screenshot Captor.)

I particularly like the way Live Capture does ‘selected area capture’, whereupon it will allow ‘drawing’ your selected area on screen and modifying and moving it around before making a final decision.

One thing though: the program in some ways feels like a work in progress, but I think you will still find it useful and worth your time. Until next time, my friends.

Get Live Capture’s latest version for Windows here”> Before downloading, please see the comments section below regarding positives found when scanning this program with VirusTotal.