Love Tetris? Check out these two AWESOME variations!


If you know and love Tetris (and who doesn’t), then you will love these two variations on the theme. ‘First Person Tetris’ (below left) is a free browser-based game that turns Tetris over on it’s head – literally – by letting the player rotate the environment around the falling shapes, and NOT the shapes themselves.

It is somewhat unintuitive but very innovative and strangely playable.

Not Tetris2‘ (also free, below right) makes a single, seemingly tiny change in the Tetris game dynamics that completely transforms the playing experience. It replaces the right-angle style shifting of shapes in the original Tetris with smoothly animated physics, without the fixed grid.

The result is a very curious and thought provoking gaming experience that is totally crazy.

First Person Tetris ScreenshotNot Tetris2 Screenshot

First Person Tetris

The notion of manipulating the environment rather than manipulating objects is becoming increasingly more prevalent as a gaming device. Applied to Tetris, it works extremely well, and has a very nice effect. Click the link (title) above to play or watch the video below.


Not Tetris 2

One word for this: crazy. It turns out that playing Tetris outside of its invisible grid structure and with more realistic physics is, well, very hard.

But the thing is: ‘Not Tetris 2’ and is fascinating and enjoyable for reasons wholly other than why ‘Tetris’ was appealing in the first place. Specifically, it is more more of a toy than a game, a physics experiment. Despite the fact that your completed ‘lines’ don’t have to be perfect at all, it is still quite hard to successfully dispatch of more than a few lines in each game. Somehow, though, that doesn’t seem to matter that much.

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