MagicDisc Virtual DVD/CD


MagicDisc is a program that can create disc image files from CDs and DVDs as well as mount disc image files of various types through a virtual CD/DVD drive.

Here’s what you need to know about this program:

  • Will work with both CDs and DVDs
  • Allows you to open and use disk image files without the need to burn them into CDs; will create a virtual drive that will behave exactly as a normal CD/DVD would.
  • Offers 200x speed (much faster than a normal cd drive) and noiseless emulation.
  • It can create image files from CDs/DVDs; can also create bootable image files.
  • Supports reading and writing ALL disk image formats (16 in all), including .ISO, .UIF, .IMG, .BIN,.CUE, .NRG, and .CIF.
  • It resides in the system tray and has a simple, clean interface.
  • Will allow you to compress (and decompress) a disk image for the most efficient use of hard drive space.

If you regularly run CD or DVD based programs then this program will prove very useful; all you have to do is use MagicDisc to create an image of your CD/DVD on your hard drive (assuming you have the space), and mount that image; you will no longer need your actual physical media.

Note that if you are trying to create/mount disc images for copy protected CDs/DVDs this program will most likely not be able to help you; for that you can use the (adware) Daemon Tools.

I like this program because like simple software and I like it even better when it is efficient and free. You will like it too.

Version tested: 2.5.047

Compatibility: WinAll; including 64bit Windows and Vista. Make sure to download the right version for your system.

Go to the program page to download the latest version.