Make custom ringtones with MuseTips Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker for PC and Ringdroid for Android


Ever wanted to use a part of a song as your ringtone? You can, and it doesn’t have to cost a cent. Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker lets you clip your mp3 files into ringtones for use with most cellular phones. It’s simple, easy, and efficient.

It lacks frills and extras, but it does what it does very well. Ringdroid is an Android app that does the same thing.

I have tons of mp3s and I love my Android, so I am constantly on the look out for good programs and apps to turn my mp3s into ringtones for it.There are quite a few of them out there;  I have tried many and settled on two that I use more than any others. Free mp3 Ringtone Maker and Ringdroid.

Free mp3 Ringtone Maker has a sleek and simple interface that leads you through three steps of creating your ideal ringtone. The steps themselves are also simple; Select your ringtone, select the clip you want to use as your tone, and save the resulting tone to your computer. During the clipping process, you just select the beginning and end points and whether you want to use the fade in and fade out features. You can play the selected clip as a preview as many times as you need to until you get just the part you want to use.

mp3 ringtone maker screen 2Ringdroid Screen 1

Once you’ve got it, click the next button and your ringtone is saved. You can then transfer it via USB cable, Bluetooth, or a MicroSD card to your Android or other mp3 capable phone and set it as your tone. There aren’t any extra options to confuse anyone, and the instructions on each page couldn’t be clearer.

mp3 ringtone maker screen 1  mp3 ringtone maker screen 3
I have to give this program full marks for keeping it simple and keeping it powerful. Some might argue that the lack of options like volume controls and mixing abilities is a con, but personally I like simple. If I want to manipulate things like volume and other EQ or mix tracks, I’m likely to do it in a program designed for that instead of a ringtone maker, like Free Mp3 Cutter and Editor, which is by the same developers, or Audacity, the world’s foremost open source audio editor.

Ringdroid Screen 2Ringdroid is an app for Android OS that does the same thing as Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker, from your Android itself. The advantage here is not having to transfer the ringtone to the phone when it’s created, since it is done from within the Android OS. The disadvantage, of course, is that it only works on Android phones. You can, however, create tones with Ringdroid on your Android and transfer them to other phones if you want.

The interface for Ringdroid is nicely laid out, with smaller screens kept in mind so even if your Android doesn’t have a four inch screen, you’ll still have no trouble manipulating the touch screen controls. It works with Androids that have trackballs too, so the accessibility is there, and the quality is about the same. Ringdroid also automatically modifies the volume of the clip so if it’s a quiet sound it increases the volume and vice versa for louder clips. This feature isn’t listed on the website, but it is one I have noticed in my experience with the app. For some files, it doesn’t seem to change the volume at all, and occasionally it did make a clip too loud to use but 99% of the time it came out pretty much perfect. Another nice feature of Ringdroid is that you can use the mic on your Android and record your own sound clip to make into a ringtone. So, you could record the sound of a seal at the zoo or the sound of your child laughing, for example, and use it as your text message notification tone.

These two free programs pretty much cover all the bases for turning mp3s into ringtones. Whatever phone you have, as long as it is mp3 capable, can use the resulting tones. Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker requires Windows (any) and Ringdroid is compatible with most Android devices running system versions 1.6 (‘donut’) through 2.3.x (‘gingerbread’).

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