Make your holiday shopping easy with ‘Add To Amazon Wish List’ Chrome extension


Do you like to shop online, or intend to do a lot of your holiday shopping online? If so, you may be one of the tons of people who are using Amazon’s famous wish list function, and there’s a handy Chrome extension that will make your shopping even easier! Best of all, of course, it’s completely free.

A recent statistic published says that more than 70% of Americans will do much of their shopping online this year for the holidays and even beyond into next year. Amazon is, of course, one of the more popular sites to for online shopping, and the Add To Amazon Wish List (ATAWL) is a super handy extension for Chrome that will let you expand your Amazon wish list into a complete holiday shopping list that can include non Amazon items which are found on other sites.

This makes it possible to have one wish list that is convenient for you and everyone else who may be interested in knowing what you might want this holiday season.

The extension works thusly: Install it from the Chrome Web Store (of course) and then you’ll see a little Amazon logo with the orange swoop-like line under it on your browser’s address bar in the form of a button. Clicking the button will bring up a short menu that will let you configure the extension to use whatever form of Amazon (.com, .uk, etc.) you like, as well as setting other options within Chrome’s extension menu. ATAWL really becomes a useful thing, however, when you are actually browsing and shopping online. Of course it is compatible when browsing but the really cool thing is that it will actually work on sites that are not in any way connected to Amazon!

Amazon wishlist extension screenshot

One of the things that makes an Amazon Wish List so useful is that it is universal, meaning you can add items to it from anywhere on the web and with this extension you can edit details of each item on the fly as you add it without having to log into Amazon every time. You can choose what picture from the page to use for the item as well as add comments and notate prices (with or without shipping costs, for instance) and even keep more than one item from a single page on your list without creating a new one. You can create as many new lists as you like but you’re not required to make more than one to use this extension. The screenshot below shows the Amazon Wishlist extension in action on a site other than Amazon.

ATAWL ScreenShot00089

For anyone who prefers shopping online, whether you shop much at Amazon or not, this extension can be a great time saver and a neat way to keep information on what you plan to buy without having to cut and paste a thousand URL links into a notepad or other text application, since ATAWL will keep the URLs for each item you enter and you can then access them easily at a later date. This kind of superior shopping tool can be useful year-round but particularly around the holidays so give it a try, and you may find that you’re done with your shopping before you can say Happy New Year! Until next time, my friends!

  • Get Add To Amazon Wish List here.