Manage Facebook Photos on your iPhone or iPad with Facebook Camera App


Recently, Facebook revamped its iOS app completely, and they have now released an app that allows users to manage their photos in a better way right on the iOS device.

Facebook Camera is an amazing free app to share images on Facebook, comment on them, add effects and more. It runs on the iPhone 3GS and above, the iPod touch 4 and the iPad 2 and above and requires iOS 4.3 or later to run.

The application itself is better than the native Facebook app when it comes to managing Facebook photos, and will let you can browse photos in a much more user friendly way. Once installed, you must login with your Facebook account and enable location service for the app to work properly. You can then check your photo feed easily as thumbnails or view them in full size and comment on them.

Facebook Camera 1 Facebook Camera  2

Pictures can also be uploaded in the Photo Library and you can even upload multiple photos all at once, tag friends and add location geo-tags to the pictures.

Using the camera is also very simple and you have additional tools like cropping and other effects under your disposal. After editing, you can directly post it or you can add tags, a headline and your location.

Facebook Camera  7

Facebook Camera is a great app for viewing photos and the uploading feature is very easy and works great; however, it does feel like a bit of a hassle to have two apps for Facebook on the device, one for viewing and uploading photos and one for accessing other features. Why not just have all that in one app? Other than that, the app is free and very functional. If you love sharing photos on Facebook with your friends and family, then this is a must have app.

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