Manage your account locally with Netlicious


Netlicious is a desktop client that can manage your del.ici.ous account. It offers a number of useful features including a built-in browser, quick posts and tag editing, exporting your bookmarks to HTML/XML, a search box, the ability to add URLs from the browser, and others., if you just landed from another planet, is a social bookmarks manager (i.e. an online bookmark management and sharing service).

Netlicious connects to the Delicious API and creates a local copy of your bookmarks and tags.

It allows you to perform any number of operations within the Netlicious interface that are instantly reflected online, including adding, removing, or editing posts or tags. Here are some notes on this program:

  • Browsing your bookmarks: one of the most interesting features that Netlicious makes available is the ability to scroll down your list of bookmarks with an arrow key and instantly view the URL inside the Netlicious browser. This makes for a very efficient way to quickly flip through your favorites and/or keep up to date.
  • Views: clicking on a tag (or Ctrl-clicking multiple tags) will filter the posts in your view accordingly. From the ’view’ menu, you can also filter whether to see public posts, private posts, or both.
  • Exporting to HTML/XML: honestly this is one of my favorite features, insofar as the HTML file serves as a launchable, clickable list of all your Delicious bookmarks.
  • Adding posts: you can either add posts manually (i.e. paste in the URL) or by choosing “New Post from IE” from the interface or the system tray icon, which will add whatever URL you may be browsing in IE. (For more tools that can add a URL to Delicious from the browser toolbar see here (for IE) and here (for Firefox). Will also recommend popular tags, which is cool.
  • Search: quickly find the post you need. Searches URLs, descriptions, notes, and tags.

Wish list:

  • Tag cloud: the option to replace the left side pane with a proper tag cloud that has tags of different sizes. Would be nice, although not a necessity.
  • The option to minimize to tray when closing the program (or you can use TrayIt to do this).

The verdict: if you use Delicious to manage and share your bookmarks then Netlicious can make your bookmarks just that much easier to manage. If you don’t use Delicious (or, like me, have a Delicious account that is mostly dormant) then Netlicious might just might make it worth your while to actively use one.

For a fantastic list of Delicious related tools, go here.

Version Tested: 1.0b20

Compatibility: WinAll. Requires .NET 2.0 Framework installed and a account.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 3.7 megs).