Manage your favorite wallpaper images with Wallmagician


If you care about and enjoy the wallpaper images that you use on your computer, you might find this program quite useful.

Wallmagician is a simple program that keeps track of all of your favorite wallpaper images in a single place, irrespective of where they may actually be found on your hard drive.

It can cycle through your images at set time interval, remember your default position for each image on your list, and let you to switch to a desired wallpaper image on-demand.

What this program is not: Wallmagician does NOT connect to the internet, and does not find and download images.

What it is: a centralized place for all of your wallpaper images, particularly useful if your images are organized in a folder structure and you do not want to have a centralized ‘Wallpaper’ folder or folders. It is also a very convenient launchpad for your favorite wallpaper images; just run the program and select an image from the list. Each image can have its own custom positioning (center, fit, tile, auto-fit or even set a custom postion on the screen); and the program can even use any of a number of image resizing algorythms (Lanzcos/Mitchell/Nearest/Spline). Lastly, Wallmagician can start with Windows and cycle through your list of wallpaper images according to a user defined time interval.

The verdict: this program was almost not written up, because it is somewhat old and I initially thought that it didn’t have enough bells and whistles, especially when compared to the many freeware image-downloading wallpaper cycling apps out there.

However, I found myself frequently using this one to quickly switch wallpapers and to access my favorite images in a single place. I don’t particularly care for programs that auto download images (most of what they download is not particularly suitable as a background, is not my particular cup of tea, or is crap). I found myself using this one and liking it quite a bit, and I am betting that many users might as well.

Version tested:

Compatibility: WinAll

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (1.06 megs).