Manage your tasks list on your PC, iPhone, and other devices with Wunderlist


Let’s face it: not only is the internet everywhere, but computers are now in everyone’s pocket. So it doesn’t really make sense to manage your tasks and to-do’s on a desktop, because your smartphone is just oh-so convenient for accessing your tasks and information right when you actually need to.

And oh so convenient for adding new tasks on-the-fly, before they slip out of your mind.

Wunderlist is a free task management software that can be used on a PC, iOS or Android device, or on a web browser.

It stores user data in the in the cloud, and has a simple and accessible interface that nonetheless manages to provides considerable depth and functionality, such as sharing/collaborating with other Wunderlist users and publishing tasks online.

As of this writing, Wunderlist Supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. It can also be accessed via a web app.

Here are some notes on this one:

The interface: is attractive and intuitive. Employs  the item “starring” device (as in Gmail for example) as well as categorizing tasks into GTD-style lists. Tabs on the bottom can filter by time period (today’s tasks, this week, etc.) The same interface is employed across devices, which is neat.PROS:

  • Sharing lists: you can share your list of tasks with other Wunderlist users or upload them to the cloud and get a public URL to send to anyone (even if they do not use the app). Alternately, you can email your list in a single click.
  • Notes: not so obvious is the fact that you can add a note to each entry, making this a good cloud-based notes app.
  • Backgrounds: can be customized; users can choose from a handful or pre-installed themes.

CONS: (or how this software can be even better)

  • Need to support Alarms/Alerts: there are people who will not use any task manager (esp. on a smartphone) if it doesn’t support alerts. (I know because I married one)
  • More backgrounds: even better, allowing users to upload their own images as background.

Freewaregenius 5-Star PickThe verdict: this software is just terrific, and very well done. It manages to present a unified interface across PCs and devices that is very contemporary and user friendly, while simultaneously packing a lot of horsepower under the hood. It would be even better if they implemented the suggestion in my wish list above!

I am happily using Wunderlist as my main task management app, and so far have been loving it.

[Thanks go to user Panzer for letting me know about this program]

Version tested: 1.2.1 (on Windows)

Compatibility: WIndows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android (so far)

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx. 26.5 megs for the Windows version).