Maximize windows into the free space between other open windows, with WinMaximumize


Imagine that you have multiple open Windows on your desktop screen, with a lot of empty space between them. Now imagine that you want to maximize one of them quickly so that it occupies all empty on-screen space up to and until it reaches the edge of the adjacent open window, and you have a pretty good idea what WinMaximumize does.

WinMaximumize is a free Windows explorer extension that, with the press of a single user-defined hotkey, will maximize your active window up to the edge of the adjacent open window, and without overlapping it. It can be very useful when working with multiple windows or with programs like GIMP whose interface is scattered across multiple windows.

This is yet another Linux-inspired Windows tweak. All you need to do activate the window you want to maximize and press a hotkey. Note that you could customize the hotkey and set it to whatever you want. Note that you it will not resize overlapping windows, unless it is set to ‘ignore overlapping’ windows. You can access the settings dialog from the system tray.

WinMaximumize screenshot

WinMaximumize examples:

To illustrate how it works, I created the screenshots below. Note that I added the pixellization for illustration purposes.

This is the original layout
WinMaximumize1 - starting layout
Top right window maximized
WinMaximumize2 - top right maximized
Bottom left window maximized
WinMaximumize3 - bottom left maximized
Bottom right window maximized
WinMaximumize4 - bottom right maximized

The verdict:

Occupying a mere 15 megs or so in memory, this is a nice little tweak that will appeal to a range of users: those who have very large displays, those who routinely work with many open windows simultaneously, and those who like to have complete control over their work environment, to name a few. [Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this program.]

If WinMaximumize sounds appealing, you can get it here.