MedalFolders: launch programs, URLs, files or folders from the system tray


MedalFolders is a free, small system-tray based program, file, and folders launcher.

It allows for adding items to the list through simple drag and drop, and will automatically separate applications and files/folders/URLs into two different sections.

I was looking for a simple tray-based launcher when I found this. I’ve reviewed similar launchers before (see the ’verdict’ section below), but wanted a simple system-tray based launcher with the ability to add apps and files by dragging and dropping icons.

It also had to look good. MedalFolders delivers on both counts, even if its somewhat old and hasn’t been updated for a while.

Here’s a list of what this program can do:

  • Interface: looks good. Displays the app of file icon in the list by default.
  • Support: opens programs, files (including URLs), or folders
  • Import/Export: allows exporting and importing menus, such that you could exchange your menus if need be or transport them to other computers.
  • Drag and drop: open the program interface then add items by dragging and dropping icons.
  • Reconciles shortcuts: i.e. if you add an item to the list by dragging and dropping a shortcut then remove that shortcut, Medalfolders will still find the original program or file that the shortcut points to.
  • Ordering of items: alphabetical. No user control provided. MedalFolders will place apps in an “Applications” section and everything else in a “Files and Folders” section.
  • Memory use: around 20 megs in memory. Seems like is should have been less, but not a whole lot of memory nonetheless.

What it does NOT do:

  • Cascading menus: does not support cascading menus for folders. Clicking on a folder entry will
    simply open the folder in explorer.
  • Custom folders/ordering: does not allow for manual ordering of items or creation of custom folders. Entries will either be in the “Applications” or “Files and Folders” sections, sorted alphabetically.

The verdict: a nice little launcher if you just want something simple and straightforward, and works great for launching URLs. For similar launchers with more bells and whistles check out Kana Launcher or LaunchOnFly.

Do you know of other system tray based launchers that you like? Let us know in the comments!

Version Tested:

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 2.74 megs).