Update: Meebo is gone, acquired by Google. The review below is for Meebo as it once was when it first started.

Meebo is a universal chat Ajax-based web application. It enables you to access your AIM, Yahoo, MSN messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber instant messaging services in the same place from any browser, without having to install any messaging software locally on your machine. It also provides you with the ability to embed a widget on a website where visitors can instant message your Meebo account in real time if you are logged on.

You are part of the new digital age, which means that you likely keep in touch with you friends, family, and co-worker across multiple IM clients (AIM, Yahoo, etc.). You’ve discovered that you can use a universal chat client like (freeware) GAIM or Miranda IM, and it’s made your life so much easier, but what do you do when you’re away from your computer; on the road or travelling or just using someone else’s machine?

Enter Meebo, a web app that enables you to (a) connect to all of the above mentioned IM clients inside your browser, from any location, without installing any software, and (b) if you have a website, you can embed a so-called Meebo-me widget into your site that would allow visitors of the site to IM you should you be logged into your Meebo account. I haven’t tried this but from the looks of it, it’s pretty cool stuff. Who knows, perhaps one day there will be a Meebo-me widget on freewaregenius!
More info on Meebo:

  • Its still in alpha, so you may encounter some glitches, though I didn’t.
  • Upon signing on to your Meebo account, a consolidated, single buddy list is populated from all of your different IM accounts.
  • The user interface works very well and is pretty fast and responsive.
  • Meebo still do not have emoticon support as of this writing. Since this is alpha software in the instant messaging world, I am guessing that it will be there sometime soon.

All in all this is really worth looking into. I don’t think I will abandon my beloved GAIM2 when I’m using my laptop, but I did create a Meebo account, and I know where to go when I need it.

Version tested: Beta

Go to the Meebo home page. [UPDATE: Meebo as described above is gone, although you can still get Meebo for your site. If you want instant-messaging related posts go here].