MenuApp is a program that enables you to create folder shortcuts that function like start-menu style launchers (see screenshot).

Four steps to get your shortcut launchers up and running:

  • First step is to unpack menuapp in the appropriate place (e.g. “c:program filesmenuapp”); there’s no installer.
  • Create a shortcut for the main executable “menuapp.exe” and place it where you want to use it
  • Right click on shortcut, goto ‘properties’, then the shortcut tab and in the ‘start in’ box type in the path for the target folder (see screenshot)
  • Rename the shortcut appropriately (changing the icon, like I did, is also a good idea, as the MenuApp icon is pretty drab).

MenuApp: configuring the shortcut

Typically at work I am working on, say, four or five projects simultaneoulsy, and for every project I set up a different folder with ever-changing files and filenames.

By using MenuApp to create a shortcut/launcher for each folder I can launch the file that I need and be up and running quickly and easily without having to manually navigate to each file I want to access.

Version tested:  1.04

Go to program home page for latest version.