Miestas: artsy point and click flash adventure game


Miestas is a free point and click flash adventure game that features artsy, hand-drawn graphics and a jazzy soundtrack that combine together to create a dream-like game environment.

I stumbled on this game and decided to post it for the following reasons: (a) its’ nice atmosphere and game experience, (b) that you can get into it quickly and pretty much solve it within an hour or so, and (c) that it looks like art, which I like very much.

If you’ve played any games in this genre before you will instantly know what to do: you can control your character using the arrow keys and interact with the environment using the space bar; the only prerequisites for figuring out how to solve the game are lots of experimentation and, at times, thinking outside the box.

If you like this game check out Menulis, another point and click flash adventure game by the same developers (also featuring the same character, drawing style, and general atmosphere).

Play Miestas.