Monitor your hard drive’s health and get customized warnings with Acronis Drive Monitor


Acronis Drive Monitor is a helpful utility that will warn you before your hard drive dies, and help you manage other aspects of your hard drive’s health. It’s free, exceptionally easy to use, and unobtrusive.

One of the few things in the world that is certain, to paraphrase the Acronis web site, is that your hard drive will eventually fail and/or crash. At one point or another this happens to all of us, the best of hard are and owners. Modern hard drives are certainly much more reliable and long lived than ever, but they still are not designed to run forever and eventually they need replacing.

Acronis Drive Monitor can help you put that day off for as long as possible by monitoring the health of your hard disks and letting you know before they are going to fail. This lets you take immediate action to backup any data you need to save from the drives as well as make plans to procure replacements.

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The drives are monitored by a system called S.M.A.R.T. which most drives should be able to handle. For those that can’t, there are instructions in the online help files to use custom script to run the monitoring program on your drives. There are multiple options for alerts and how to let you know when a drive is in danger, and Acronis will also monitor the critical events on your system and keep a log of them you can peruse later. This can be especially handy to determine when a drive might start going bad and even help identify the specific cause of eventual failure if you know what you’re doing.

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What is interesting about this software, compared with others similar tools, is that it offers a way to monitor your hard drives even if they do not support S.M.A.R.T, through a custom script. It is also remarkable simple and straightforward, and thus useful for beginners and experts alike.

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The only real downside to Acronis Drive Monitor is that it wants to install extra software to backup your drives when you install it. This isn’t really a big deal and could actually be helpful to those that don’t already have a backup system, since Acronis is meant to help you avoid a catastrophe. I would recommend Acronis to anyone who has had their hard drive for more than a month, as it’s an excellent resource that costs nothing and can, in fact, help you save money and headaches by replacing your hard drives at optimal times instead of waiting until they have already failed and all your data was lost.

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[Thanks to reader Pazer for the tip about this software]

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