More insanely addictive FREE Android games (part 3)


This is the latest installment in what has become our series of addictive FREE Android games posts, designed to showcase games that will transforms your Android into a mean gaming machine and keep you GLUED to the little screen.

The two games this time around are some of our best selections so far: Hill Climb Racing and Major Mayhem.

Both of these games are freemium, meaning that you can install and play them at no cost. Both feature the option for in-game purchases, but no purchase is required to play the game. We have been playing these literally for weeks now and both have stood the test of time.

Hill Climb Racing is a physics driving game with surprising depth of gameplay that we did not expect, while Major Mayhem is a cartoonish shooter that is extremely well made and surprisingly addictive.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick1. Hill Climb Racing: not your average physics-based driving game

This game was a complete – but very pleasant – surprise. At first the environment and your vehicle both seem like they are made out of rubber, but you soon realize that almost everything about the game environment is changeable (vehicles can be upgraded so they exhibit different properties, new vehicles can be purchased with in-game currency as well as new levels with completely different terrain and different physical characteristics).
Hill Climb Racing Screenshot1

The reason this game is different from others like it that you may have seen is the fact that you can work to change the vehicle(s) you drive and the terrain you drive on. This gives the game depth: long term planning and goals are as much a part of the game as the performance on the road.

Plus, both the vehicles and the terrain are fun and somewhat wacky. The landscapes graduate from countryside and desert to caves, the surface of the moon and mars and even an alien planet. The vehicles include monster trucks, rally cars and even a tank.

Hill Climb Racing Screenshot2

As with all good freemium games, buying the in-game upgrades becomes tempting after a while, but wholly unnecessary. One extremely commendable feature is that no ads are featured in the playable levels themselves, although some are displayed in the admin screens. All told an excellent game. Don’t take my word for it; try it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick2. Major Mayhem: a brilliant tap-the-screen shoot-em-up

You play a Rambo-eque marine out to take on hordes of enemies on his own. There’s some sort of back story about saving your girlfriend and being personally sent by the President of the Unites States, but the core of the game is the multi-layered levels of enemies that keep on coming, and that need to be dispensed with.

Major Mayhem Screenshot1

This game is completely ad free. It features multiple weapons and items, as you may have guessed for a freemium game, but is tweaked in just the right way to make it completely possible, if challenging, to navigate and progress without having to buy a thing. The variety of enemies, boss-type baddies, and different terrain give it a rich texture that enhances the sheer addictive gameplay. Mini sub-tasks that come along as you make your way through also enhance the gameplay.

Major Mayhem Screenshot2

One strange thing, though, is that most enemies through ninja-star type projectiles that don’t actually hurt you, although the visual chaos and the sight of these things coming in will prompt you to duck for cover. Watch out for red ‘bullet’ type projectiles, which are deadly.

Do you know of other purely addictive Android games that we should know about and feature in a future post? Let us know in the comments section below.