MP3myMP3 is a program that can record any sound coming into or out of your PC straight into MP3 format. If it can be played on your machine MP3myMP3 can record it.

This is a very straightforward yet useful program that has a variety of uses, as follows:

  • Allows you to record any input through the mic jack directly into mp3. This can be useful for, say, creating podcasts using a microphone or creating audio files from non-digital sources (such as cassettes).
  • Can be used to record streaming radio. (Alternately, you can try to determine the URLs for streaming radio using URL Snooper and download these directly).
  • Can circumvent any digital rights or protection that may exist your audio files. Simply play these and record using MP3myMP3.
  • Can play audio files in the following formats: mp3, wav, aif, swa, or sun au. No need to use an external player, unless you want to.
  • In theory, it can convert any playable audio format into MP3. However, unless you have a really obscure format you would be better off using a program with a straight conversion functionality such as BonkEnc or even the online Zamzar service. This will be faster, more convenient, and has a less of a risk for loss of quality.

MP3myMP3 allows you to set the bit-rate and quality settings for your recording, and has a timer that allows for scheduling of the recording action as well as its duration. To make a recording you might need to do a little bit of simple tweaking initially. This involves adjusting the player audio level, the master volume level, as well as the recording level such as to get a good sound level. It is a simple process that is represented visually.on an audio meter on the right side of the UI. Note that you also have to make sure that no other audio events occur beside the one you are interested in when recording (for example the bleep of an unexpected instant message that might arrive during recording will be recorded as well). Recorded audio can be saved in either mp3 or wav formats.

Note that once a recording is set in motion with optimal volume levels, you are forced to listen to it until it is done or This of course is a function of the technology being used here, and you can always plug something into the headphone jack in order to escape it.

Wishlist: The ability to trim/cut parts of the recording before saving, and to do this on a visual representation of the audio. Using MP3myMP3 will invariably result in a recording that has a little bit of extra, unwanted audio at the beginning and the end. Unfortunately, MP3myMP3 does not provide a way to trim or cut these, and you have to seek another application to do this such as Mp3DirectCut.

This program is simple, looks fantastic (and supports skins), and is simple to use.

Version tested: 2.0

Compatibility: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server

Go to the download page to download the latest version (approx 5.7 megs). The the program home page.