My Favorite tech/software blogs


Martin from Ghacks posted a curious post called “Blog Feed Dependencies“. The idea was to list his top 10 tech blogs and to get these blogs to post a similar story with linkbacks to his original posting. In theory the idea (if I understand it correctly) is to facilitate the creation of some sort network of tech blogs connected by linkbacks to each other.

I’m not sure about the reality vs. the theory, though, but I figure posting a list of my top 10 blogs is a good idea, so here goes. If your blog is listed here do think about posting a “top 10 tech blogs” postings and linking back to this article.

My top 10 (actually 11) tech/software blogs in ALPHABETICAL order (note that only blogs were considered).

  • Appaholic: He’s an Appaholic. He also has some cool freeware reviews 😉
  • Confessions of a Freeware Junky Detailed reviews of freeware programs
  • CyberNET News: prolific output combined with great software discoveries.
  • DonationCoder: Excellent forum for everything related to software. Excellent donationware software to be had as well.
  • Download Squad: an essential and enjoyable, read.
  • Ghacks: Interesting blog for tech and freeware news and reviews.
  • Jonathan’s tool bar and grill: Jonathan writes about software in detail and with a lotta love.
  • LifeHacker: This blog is what techies would write if they (a) aspired to be cool, and (b) were obsessed with GTD (the Getting Things Done methodology).
  • MakeUseOf: what you get when you combine good content with an apparent affinity for making lists.
  • Mashable: web 2.0 galore. An essential news source.
  • SimpleHelp: This blog has tech and software news and reviews. Features occasional software comparisons that are very detailed and well thought out.

Let me know if you have a cool blog that should be here.