Navigate browser tabs visually with ‘Visual Tabs’ for Chrome


In today’s world, having numerous open tabs in your browser is the norm rather than the exception. Which is why visually-inclined Chrome users might want to view tab previews using an iTunes coverflow-style carousel. If that sounds good to you then check out the Visual Tabs extension for Google Chrome.

To get started, go to Visual Tabs homepage on Chrome Web Store and install this nifty extension. After installing the extension, you will notice a small icon in the extensions area which can be used to enable Visual Tabs.

Click on it and it will display all the opened tabs in an over flow format just like Apple devices. You can click on any tab to open it.

You can use the shortcut keys like; Ctrl+Q, or Alt+V, or Alt+tab, and Ctrl+Enter, etc. to view visual tabs. From the options, you can even customize the visual tabs popup by changing its color, tweaking effects like reflection, fade in, and changing the dimensions of Visual Tabs popup depending on your monitor resolution, etc.

The verdict:

If you are looking for a way to change tab navigation or just want to view tabs in a novel new visual interface then you should give this Chrome extension a try.

Download Visual Tabs (Chrome).