Ninite: One installer, multiple programs


OK so you’ve just reinstalled Windows for whatever reason (update, clean slate etc). Now you have to sit there for about an hour just downloading all your favourite programs again and installing them. Well not any more.

Ninite is a revolutionary new way of installing the software you want. Instead of having to download and install each program individually Ninite will do it all for you. Simply go to the Ninite website, choose the programs you want, download the installer and run it. That’s it. That simple. You can now go off and do something less boring whilst Ninite downloads and installs the programs for you.

[Editor’s note: this review was written by Freewaregenius contributor Carbonize. Check out his tech blog here].

Ninite is also clever and it will not install toolbars or anything else that the programs try to install. It also checks what language your PC is using and whether it is 64bit or not and then installs the correct version of the software.

Ninite has only supports a limited number of programs at present (66) but does offer some of the more popular and better known software. The software is ordered in sections such as web browsers, messaging, media players and security. The software featured includes popular titles such as Firefox, Opera, , Pidgin, Thunderbird, iTunes, KMPlayer, Aimp, Paint.NET, GIMP, Irfanview, Open Office, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, Spybot, Flash (both IE and non IE), Silverlight, uTorrent, Dropbox,CCleaner, CDBurnerXP and 7-Zip (and one of my favorites, Digsby).

The only problems I have with Ninite are just little niggles. The first is that it installs software with it’s default settings. Whilst this is not a bad thing it does mean that you get everything that Spybot does including security center integration and it’s system monitoring. Also, whilst it does install the appropriate version of the program for your language, it does not always install the correct version of your language. So for me here in the UK I get the English version of things like Firefox and Thunderbird but it is the US English and not the British English. As I said only minor niggles and not major show stoppers.

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program home page to download.