Online presentations service becomes “”, adds PRO accounts

236, a personal favorite of mine, as been rebranded as the much more logical and user friendly ‘’. What it is is an online presentation engine that lets you create sophisticated, Powerpoint-style presentations in the browser, including uploaded images and media, and then view (or share) them via a single link.

I first experienced when I was taking a video game design course, where we had to work in teams and create quick presentations (without access to Powerpoint), and where it proved quick, reliable, practical, and generally brilliant. is not just Powerpoint in the cloud; it’s presentations meeting social media, as your viewers can comment on each slide in a social style conversation.

The new update brings a slew of improvements, including a much better and more powerful editor (and a badly needed nice meta-view to rearrange slides – see screenshot below). Screenshot2

But there’s also a paid PRO version now, which brings a slew of features including a revisioning history that lets you revert to older versions, as well as the option for private presentations (the free version will show your presentation to anyone who has the link). It also offers the option for exporting your slides for offline viewing.

We really like If you would like a comparison between (aka and similar service Sliderocket, check out our previously published post entitled SlideRocket vs. – two Powerpoint alternatives compared.

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