Open all images on a page in a single tab, with Img2Tab browser extension


This comes in handy when browsing image rich websites and forums like Reddit, Pinterest, or Flickr, where instead of going to each and every image link or thumbnail and opening it individually, you could open them all at once, photoblog-style, in a single tab.

Img2Tab is a FREE addon for Chrome and Firefox, and a must have for any user who is regular on image sharing websites as it allows users to open all the images present on a web page in a new tab by a simple right click.

Getting Started with Img2Tab

Using Img2Tab is pretty simple and straight forward. Once you install the browser extension a new Img2Tab entry will be added to Google Chrome context menu. Now, when opening any web page you want, right click on it and select the Img2Tab option.

Img2Tab before and after

The extension offers users multiple options: you can either view actual images in a single tab or linked images (i.e. the thumbnails as you see them in the source page). In both cases, you will be able to view the images that you can save for later use.

Img2Tab Context Menu


What I Think

Img2Tab is a very handy extension that can really make viewing images a lot easier and make it a much a better experience. It can save considerable amount of time when browsing as you do not have to open each image one by one, you can simply open all of them in a single tab with a click of a button.

The one drawback I found is that for some reason, it frequently ends up displaying images twice. This may be due to the way the images are linked to in the first place, but it would be very cool if the extension could identify exact duplicate images and suppress one of them. Another very cool addition would be some sort of support for resizing extremely large images into the browser boundaries.We are hopeful that this extension will continue to be developed and improved.

Feel Free to share your thoughts if you tried Img2Tab.