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With Krunch, you can create custom URLs that will open multiple web sites. For example, you can use a Krunch URL that might look like ‘Krunch.Us/freeware’ to open all of your favorite freeware sites. can serve as a creative alternative bookmarking tool. You could use your own custom URLs to distribute collections of sites to friends to load your favorite sites from any computer or device. Further, Krunch provides the ability to password-protect your custom URLs such that only you (or those with whom you share the password) can access it. You could also edit your URLs later on, adding websites to them or modifying, etc.

Krunch-us screenshot1Krunch-us screenshot2

Some notes on this one:

  • Displays URLs in the form of a slideshow: which is to say with little arrows on the left and right of the screen to browse across sites, and little numbered buttons on the bottom right (see screenshot above left)
  • Can set a password to your URL: such that only you or whoever knows the password can access.
  • Can edit URLs later on: i.e. add/remove URLs, add/change/remove password protection. You can do this in a single, centralized place (see screenshot top right).


  • Obvious URLs will soon be snapped up by other users: e.g. ‘Krunch.Us/freeware’ which we are using. There is an obvious workaround though (e.g. bobsfreeware), etc.
  • Make sure NOT to use http://, or else your URLs will not work and cause frustration
  • Doesn’t work  too well on iOS: when viewing my Krunch URL on my iPhone, I noticed I wasn’t able to scroll down beyond the visible part of the page.

The verdict: an interesting tool that can be very useful if you put an effort into it, and certainly a viable method for storing your bookmarks in the cloud, as it were.

[Thanks for user Panzer for tipping us off about]

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