Organize and update your videos, songs, books, games, and programs with myCollections


myCollections is a tool to organize and access your media library that stresses visual organization paired with tag reference. It’s totally free to download and use and can handle a number of different kinds of media.

The average person that owns a computer has at least one or two movies, games and who knows how many applications that are supposedly designed to make things more convenient but sometimes it can feel like the clutter of having so many files on your system is just as upsetting as if your apartment were stuffed with folders and every time you want something you have to take a shovel to the pile to find it.

This is not a pleasant feeling, for most of us, so it’s a great thing that there are so many tools available on the net to help organize the hard drive mess.

MyCollections Movies screenshot

myCollections is one such tool, crammed with features and options to help you organize your movies, videos, games, apps, etc. It allows you to set up individual menus for each category you want to track, and sort through the results within the interface, which is dynamic in that it will let you zoom in and out on the various workspaces. Be warned ahead of time, there is a built in category to manage your adult type movies so this app is not a good idea for kids, I would think. The program doesn’t come with any videos or anything like that, it is entirely reliant on your own collection (hence the name) but just having the built in category there might raise some questions no one wants to answer just yet with the younglings.

myCollections Screen 2myCollections Screen 3myCollections Screen 8

If, however, you don’t mind having that category then myCollections is a pretty decent management system. In some ways, it makes me wonder why I bother using something like this, when Windows does essentially the same thing, but it’s a matter of having it separate that makes a difference, and the interface is designed to make things as easy as possible on you. While the Windows explorer system contains files that you may or may not understand or need, myCollections ostensibly only organizes files that are helpful or useful in some way. For example, if you’re looking for a movie to watch on your hard drive, you really don’t need to see all those .dll files floating around your system in the search, just the video files. Having something like myCollections can make a big difference and make it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

myCollections Screen 9myCollections Screen 4

The interface is pretty smooth, for the most part, though it can take some figuring out at first. Fortunately there are some help topics that will get you going pretty quickly on the home page. Just remember to switch to “files” instead of “folders” before doing a search for a particular movie or song, etc. and you will be fine. The features are often unexpected but very useful. For example, when doing a web update for a given bit of media (say, a song) you will connect to an online database, but if you don’t find the answer you want, hit the x button to close the window and instantly a new window pops up searching another database, hopefully with the results you are looking for. This is an incredibly intuitive way to update those hard to find tags, in my opinion and it’s just one example of what makes myCollections worth trying out. There’s also the Tvix search, visual search and a ton of others. Until next time, my friends.

Get myCollections here.