Organize your files with Pneumatic Tubes File Router


Pneumatic Tubes File Router is a free organizational tool that can quickly send files and folders to the right folders all over your hard drive(s).

Users can define folder destinations represented as icons on the program interface (see screenshot) and can then drag and drop files and folders onto the icons to send them there.

How to use this software: create your buttons on the interface, define their destinations, icon, and optionally a keyboard shortcut.

Next, you can use these ‘tubes’ in two ways. The first: drag and drop objects onto the appropriate icon in the interface to move to the desired destination. The second: use the ‘conveyor bSelt’.

To do this click on the middle ‘conveyor belt’ icon under the file menu, then point it to a folder you want to organize, then shuffle through the contents via the right/left icons, and send these to the right destinations via the keyboard shortcut.

Pneumatic Tubes Screenshot

Pneumatic TubesThe name: is an homage to the capsule pipeline systems used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This precursor to electronic mail employed vaccum powered pipes that typically carried documents placed in small cylinders within or across buildings. See an image to the right (which I found on this web page).

The verdict: a good organizational tool that is simple and relatively easy to use. There are two types of alternatives to something like this; the first is right-click context menu or send-to menu based tools such as MyFolders and Send to Toys. The other category are the rule-based intelligent organizing tools such as Drop Zone or Drop It, which are similar to Pneumatic Tubes but just may be more sexy and sophisticated.

My advice: use it, and see if you like this potentially very useful tool (you likely will).

Version tested:

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit).

Go to the program page to download (~376K).