Organize your tasks and goals for free with Orkanizer


Do you have more things to do than time to do them in? Orkanizer can help you get you back on track, whether you want to manage daily tasks or monthly goals, or even specific projects.

It’s completely free for home users and those involved in open-source work and the handy web-based interface is a major plus in the modern cyberverse.

Orkanizer, also known as ORK(CL) Online is a nifty web-based resource to handle nearly anything in your life that needs organizing.

One of the nicest things about it is easy to notice from the beginning: the fact that you have multiple options for exactly how you want to use it, from a quick tour and demo to anonymous usage to setting up a registered (free!) account so your work is saved and can be accessed at a later time or date.

This kind of multi-flexibility is apparent throughout the entire Orkanizer system and is one of the biggest strengths it has, in my opinion.


Once you have decided how you want to login/use Orkanizer, you’ll have the option to view the extensive documentation first or just jump right in and start using it, which is a nice choice for both sides of the fence on practicality and usage of new ‘ware. After that choice, when you move on to actually using it, you’ll find yourself on a fairly blank screen that is your Orkanizer ‘workspace’ which is where you will add, remove and otherwise modify and manipulate different tasks, goals and steps to reach them.


The main menu bar is always right at the top of the screen, within easy and fast reach, but it does have an auto-hide feature so you won’t be distracted by it when you don’t need it. Within that menu there are a whole host of great tools that will help you with your orkanization (so to speak) including such handy things as a history tracker, an electronic ‘inventory’ that stores tasks and goals for later use or review, and even a statistics page that will show you various data lines about your productivity. There’s a handy timer that will even give you a motivating (or annoying, depending on your POV) ticking sound if you want, and a really nifty button that plays ‘relaxation music’ to help you keep getting the job done without raising your blood pressure.

The only real downsides I found to this program were the lack of downloadable version or mobile connection/apps, and that the interface is just a tiny bit Spartan, without much of the window dressing one might expect in today’s software realm. These are quite minor issues, however and they don’t really detract from the usefulness of the program. Indeed, the lack of frills and flourishes could even be considered a plus by some. So, if you’re in the mood to get organized and want a free online resource to help you do so, Orkanizer could be for you. Until next time, my friends!

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