Pandora Internet Radio, now truly free


I’ve always been a  big fan of Pandora, but let’s face it; users now have many more free listening options that when Pandora first started.

Which is probably why Pandora just removed the listening limit for the free service; quote “we’ve removed the listening limit for Pandora. You can now listen to Pandora as much as you’d like for free”.

This is great news, because like I said, I have a soft spot for Pandora. I will even go on record in saying that I love the service, which allows you to create your own custom radio stations based on the artists/bands you like.

Pandora will take that information and stream music by other artists which it thinks you will like. You can then thumbs up/thumbs down the songs that it plays to fine tune the algorithm for better future selections.

The newly revamped Pandora also has a new, nicer interface, and comes with a bunch of (you guessed it) music sharing features that enable you to share favorites and discoveries with your friends.

I’ve always thought that Pandora has substance when other music sharing services were based on fluff. Pandora’s selections are based on an individual song-by-song analysis, done by humans (as their website states), based on the 400+ musical characteristics outlined by the “Music Genome Project” (more info here). Which is another way of saying the music selections it comes up with, that it thinks you will like, are usually spot on.

Unfortunately, they still haven’t made Pandora accessible outside the United States, because of licensing issues, and they probably won’t. If you’re in a country where Pandora does not work you can still listen to it using a free VPN service such as Tunnelbear.

Want a good Pandora desktop client? Try OpenPandora.