PC Decrapifier


PC Decrapifier is a program that will automatically remove a specific list of unwanted software that comes preinstalled on new computers.

It was designed for programs that come preinstalled on DELL computers but will remove these from any PC. A list of the software that the version tested removes is provided here.

Most computers today come pre-loaded with all sorts of programs and services that the manufacturer installed for you. These include anything from AOL to the ubiquitous “Get high speed internet” icons to MS Photo Story and trial versions of Quickbooks.

In my experience, many of these are (a) bloated programs that (b) take a lot of space, and (c) will most likely never be used. Many are lite or trial versions designed for a captive audience of users that are not computer savvy, with the hope that they will get used to the software foisted on them and end up paying for it.

Notes on this program:

  • It will scan your PC and produce a list of the software it can uninstall. You can choose which ones to install by checking the box next to it; you can choose not to uninstall anything you like to keep.
  • It will efficiently uninstall all programs that you select collectively without any user intervention.
  • MAKE SURE you keep programs you want; programs on the list include Quicken, Microsoft Office Standard Edition and WordPerfect, which I personally do NOT consider crap software. If in doubt regarding a certain title then you probably do not need it and can go ahead and remove it.
  • It does not need to be installed; just unzip and run.
  • Check the author’s site for the last update list of software it will uninstall.

I think this program is extremely cool. It was made by a guy who created it for his own personal use; . let’s hope that he will expand the list of titles to include a wider range of commonly preinstalled software.

Version tested: 1.6

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go here to download the latest version.
Go to the program home page.