PC Wizard 2007


PC Wizard 2007 is an advanced hardware detection, system analysis and benchmarking utility. It provides information on both your computer’s hardware and software.

I don’t build computers, nor am I a modder. I stumbled into PC Wizard because I recently got my hands a computer that badly needed a clean Windows install.

Once I did this I was subsequently able to use PC Wizard to identify the computer’s hardware components (a job that it performed very well), in order to be able to go to the manufacturers’s websites and download all the drivers that I needed for the various hardware components to function properly.

All of what this program does is give you information: information on what hardware you have and the details of your software setup, such as what technologies you have installed, the details of your internet connection, your file associations, your startup programs, your installed version of DirectX, etc.

But where it adds the most value is the benchmarking information functionality. You can look at your computer’s overall performance or otherwise you can benchmark individual components or processes, such as your CPU, memory, hard drives, or video performance.

As an example, I ran the DirectX 3D test, which produced a chart containing results for different metrics such as Texture, Texture Fullscreen, Particles 3D, Vertex, and Billboard in FPS (frames per second). I could next compare my computer’s chart side by side with several other video cards that I could flip through whose results PC Wizard holds in its database.

PC Wizard is updated monthly with new hardware profiles and data; making it an invaluable up-to-date resource (therefore make sure you download and use the latest version when you use it). This program is quality freeware which holds its own easily with any commercial product. If there’s anything I could wish for, however, it would be the ability to not just identify the hardware, but to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s sites and perhaps install them as well (although I realize that this is beyond the scope of what this program aims to be).

Version tested: 1.72

Compatibility: WinAll

Go to the program home page to download latest version (scroll down to about the middle of the page).