#6: EasyPDF Cloud

This converter is ranked #6 in our comparison of free PDF to Word converter tools (i.e. out of 16 converters, it is #6).

This converter is a re-branded version of ‘PDFOnline’ above almost in every way, except for the added ‘cloud’ functions. Specifically, it lets you create an account and store your files online (up to 25 megs of storage), it can connect to your Dropbox account and automatically convert any files you move to a specific folder, lets you program actions similar to web service IFTTT (e.g. if I add a file to this folder then do this and that), and has a nice drag and drop interface. It uses the same conversion engine as PDFOnline and has the same PROS and cons (excellent conversion, small upload file limit of 2 megs, no OCR).

EasyPDF Cloud Screenshot

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Overall Rating: A. TIER 1.

Desktop vs. Online: Online.

Converts to (file type): .DOC

Handling of Text: A Handling of Images: A Handling of Tables: A

Reliability: B OCR Support: No Max File Size: 2 MB
Is it Free?: Yes.

Where is the link?: click on this link.

Strengths: Does an excellent job. Good text and image handling. Renders actual tables in Word (not simulated or drawn). Dropbox integration is useful and/or at least interesting. Very nice drag and drop interface.

Weaknesses: Restricts PDF file size to 2 MB. Does not support OCR (not really a ‘weakness’ since OCR support is rare in free tools). Adjacent images can sometimes be combined together.[/tabla]


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