#10: Pdfburger

This converter is ranked #10 in our comparison of free PDF to Word converter tools (i.e. out of 16 converters, it is #10).

Another good online converter with a ‘me-too’ feeling to it.Does a great job in a pinch, but so many of the online converters on the top of this list are better in little ways that PDF Burger is overshadowed.


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Overall Rating: B+. TIER 2. The reason: a ‘me-too’ tool that – although excellent – is not an obvious recommendation in a comparison article like this one.

Desktop vs. Online: Online.

Converts to (file type): .DOC

Handling of Text: B Handling of Images: A Handling of Tables: B

Reliability: A OCR Support: No Max File Size: > 12 MB (converted a 12 MB PDF but not a 60 MB PDF; we do not know what the max file limit is exactly).

Is it Free?: Yes.

Where is the link?: click on this link.

Strengths: Good image rendering. Great overall conversion. Accepts large files (tested with 12 MB file successfully).

Weaknesses: simulated rather than actual tables (but does a great job at them). Renders inactive hyperlinks in the output document.[/tabla]


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