#9: Pdfconverter.com

This converter is ranked #9 in our comparison of free PDF to Word converter tools (i.e. out of 16 converters, it is #9).

A really good converter in it’s own right, with excellent handling of text and images. The reason this is placed in our ‘Tier 2’ list of tools is because there are so many excellent online PDF to Word converters that are ‘slightly’ better in various ways that this one becomes a mere ‘me too’ entrant.
PDFConverter.com Screenshot

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Overall Rating: B+. TIER 2. The reason: a ‘me-too’ tool that – although excellent – is not an obvious recommendation in a comparison article like this one.

Desktop vs. Online: Online.

Converts to (file type): .DOC; XLS; PPT

Handling of Text: A Handling of Images: A Handling of Tables: B

Reliability: B OCR Support: No Max File Size: 2 MB

Is it Free?: Yes.

Where is the link?: click on this link.

Strengths: EXCELLENT handling of text and images.

Weaknesses: ‘Recreates’ tables (i.e. simulates or draws them) – although it does a very good job at that. Limits PDF file sizes to 2 MB. Does not support OCR (although most free converters do not).[/tabla]


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