Perform Handwritten Mathematical Calculations on your iPhone, with MyScript Calculator


Ever wished you could use your iPhone or iPad to do advanced calculations just as you might on a piece of paper, but have the device do the calculations for you instead? If so then check out MyScript Calculator, a free iOS app which can perform all of this in a new way right on the device using your handwriting.

Rather than tapping on different digits on your calculator app, you can now just write the equation you want to solve and leave the rest to MyScript Calculator. It will recognize the text on the screen and will display the result within seconds.

The application supports many different mathematical operations (e.g. basic operations such as powers, exponentials, brackets, trigonometric ratios, logarithms, as well as advanced functions such as trigonometric ratios, long calculations and more.)


Using the application is pretty simple and straightforward. Once installed, just launch the app and you will be presented with a simple drawing board like screen where you can write the equation you want MyScript Calculator to solve. Note that you may come across errors if you are not writing the numbers clearly. Also note that it will keep on performing calculations to the existing equation until and unless you clear the board using the delete button.

myScriptCalculator 7

In case you write a wrong equation, you can erase that part and re-enter the values. If it doesn’t recognize your equation, it will show display a question mark to prompt you to rewrite. The result can later be emailed to any recipient, shared on Twitter or copied to notes or any other application. If you want, you can also customize the number of decimals, show deg/rad and other details.

In Conclusion

MyScript Calculator is a very handy calculator application that allows users to perform calculations using handwriting. It may not be for everyone, but those who need it will love the app.

Although writing long expressions on your iPhone may at times be problematic, the app works very well . The usability of the app is best on the iPad because of a larger display. It is not perfect when recognizing the text but it does an admirable job.

Check out the app and let us know what you think

Download MyScript Calculator (iOS).